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Star aniseed - lllicium verum Hook. f et Thoms. blong of them Muslims - llliciaceae.

Description: vines, 6-10m high, relative to straight, straight smooth stems, pale green when young then brown-gray. Leaves alternate, blade, thick, crunchy, smooth, 8-12cm long, 3-4cm wide, shaed, slightly tapered gradually, onside of flower more green than underside. Flowers grow in axillary solitary, sometimes ranked 2-3; to stalk and short; 5 sepals white with pink edges; 5-6 petals are dark pink together. Including modern dual results 6-8 (sometimes more), arranged in a star shape 2,5-3cm diameter, green when young, dark brown when mature, each station 10-15mm long, short spiky head; ovoid, smooth seed. Flowers in March - May, fruits (results) in June – September.


Chemical composition: fruits contain much oil, if distilled by steam drag from fresh fruit in the levels reached 3-3.5%. Star aniseed oil are liquid, colorless or pale yellow, fragrant characteristics special. Essential components of star aniseed oil is  anethole (80-90%); in addition: a-pinene, d-pinene, l-phellandren, Safrole, Terpineol, limonen. The leaves also contain oil but slightly below the freezing point.


Effect: Star aniseed are spicy, sweet, fragrant, warming; appetizers, stimulus digestive system, reduced  disease of the stomach and intestines, benefit for milk, analgesic, antiseptic ...


Place of living: Star aniseed trees were planted in East Asia,some southern provinces of China (Guangxi, Guangdong) and the Eastern- North provinces of Vietnam. There were planted in the Philippines and Jamaica. In Viet Nam, Star aniseed trees is growing in the northern districts of the province of Lang Son, some places in Cao Bang, and a few other places in northern Thai Nguyen, Quang Ninh.



Over the years, Star aniseed trees is identified as a key economic and long-term strategy of Lang Son. With star anise forest have over 33,000 ha, Lang Son has formed the focus area for production and become a source of major export commodities for this province. But  star anise flowers in Lang Son are no brand  private about Lang Son’s origin. In fact, uncertainty price makes it difficult for farmer growing star anise because there is no market for stability. So, creating conditions for forest products engaged to integrate the domestic market and international market as well as the protection of both producers and consumers, Lang Son need to build and register protection of appellations of origin for Lang Son’s anise.

In this situation, Lang Son province was assigned to the Department of Science and Technology research, establish documentation about the rights to "Geographical Indications Lang Son for Anise" and from 2007 to present, trees Lang Son’s Anise become official and protection trademark, the national inviolable property. This is necessary acitvities to protect, enhance product development and quality of Anise as well as processing and marketing of products. Lang Son’s anise have protected trademark, sustainable development, high economic value, multi-effects, worthy of its inherent potential. 


However, how to manage and develop the brand to ensure quality and maintain the reputation of the  Star aniseed product is the concern of the Lang Son agencies becausse currently star aniseed crude exports . Despite exports with big quantities but export’s value are low. To help address these difficulties, VIETNAM STARANISEED CASSIA MANUFACTURING AND EXPORTING COMPANY LIMITED (VINA SAMEX CO., LTD) with advanced technology and modern equipment, a team of enthusiastic staff experience has been promoting the processing of large-scale anise.  Our  products are various as:  whole star aniseed, broken star aniseed, star aniseed powder, star aniseed oil with high quality and reasonable price. The development of our company is to preserve and enhance the brand value of  Lang Son’s anise, introducing   anise products to consumers in Vietnam and worldwide.